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100% of your donation will be forwarded to Haiti. Please include a message that your donation is for Hurricane Relief in Haiti. Thank you. Your giving will make a difference for some really needy people.

God bless you!

Rod Buzzard

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Some of the Churches/Medical Centers, Schools, Clothing Centers Built. Thank you for your loving support and prayers.


Colladere's church with Pastor Maurius is 450 people!        Bois Couleuvre's  around 300 people--Pastor Dierodent.

Hurricane Relief

We received this note from Jean Jean and Kristi, our missionaries in Haiti. This is the current situation and how we can be of help.

We talked as a congregation about what we can do for the people without homes and provisions in the south.  As I'm sure you have heard, people need to cautious about how to proceed.  There is potential government red tape and there are organizations that would use relief money and aid unethically. 

Our church decided to collect food and clothing to send to some pastors that we know personally to give to the needy in their congregations.  We also want to try to raise the money to put roofs on houses and churches in the south.  We will be sending Eliberne, UCI board member and mason, with a crew to oversee the work.  We believe that in this way we'll be certain that the money will get to the people that need it.”

Update October 26, 2016
Hello everyone!!
We are so pleased to let you know that we have started putting the roofs of the first 10 houses for the village outside of Nippes.  Pastor Sauveur and Pasyans, our carpenter, gave us a detailed report on how the work could proceed.  They will be buying materials this week.  Pastor Sauveur took pictures of all the houses and the families that will receive a new roof.  He had a very simple phone so the pictures are pretty small, but hopefully you can get an idea of what the relief funds will be used for.  We will work on better pictures in the future.  Our plan is to complete 10 houses at a time, and keep going while we have relief funds.  Pastor Sauveur will also be identifying men of the community that will be able to be part of the local work team.

Churches under construction in Haiti! Praise the Lord! Type your paragraph here.